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This condition is occasionally (in 3—4 per cent of cases) encountered following an operation for anal fis­sure or, less frequently, hemorrhoidectomy, and is cha­racterized by persistent aching and burning pains. The surgical treatment includes the blocking of the perianal portion of the sphincter by a 0.6 per cent of novocain solution with 0.15 per cent methylene blue. In all three injections are given. The actual operation consists of dessecting the soft tissues to a depth of 3 cm to the right and to the left of the anus, depending upon the localization of the pain (Fig. 111). The wound is packed for 4 or 5 days.

Coccyx extirpation in coccygodynia

Fig. 110. Coccyx extirpation in coccygodynia:

1. Division of ligaments attached to the lateral sur­faces and apex of the coccyx.

2. The coccyx is separated from the sacrum by means of a sharp scoop and mallet.

3. The resulting deep wound is dusted with strepto­mycin and filled with Vishnevsky ointment.

Fig. Ill Appearance of a perianal wound made in order to cut off innervation of the pain site.

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