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The operation to narrow and strengthen the sphinc­ter by means of a silver wire is used in elderly or obese patients.

Two small incisions are made anteroposteriorly to the anus (Pig. 112), and a silver wire 2 mm in diameter is drawn around the anal sphincter, (Fig. 114.1, 114.2 and 114.3) being tightened on the surgeon’s index finger or the bouge fully introduced into the rectum (Fig. 115).

After twisting and cutting off the wire ends .the wounds are sutured with catgut.

It is essential that the wire be placed externally to the sphincter and be not palpable from the side of the anal mucosa (Fig. 116)

Operation for narrowing of the sphincter with silver wire

Fig. 114. Operation for narrowing of the sphincter with silver wire:

1. The bill of Billroth forceps grasps the end of silver wire.

2. The wire end is extracted through the anterior pe-rineal incision.

3. The other end of the wire is drawn around the rec­tum on the opposite side.

Fig. 115 The both ends of the wire are twisted with forceps on the surgeon’s finger introduced into the rectum.

Fig. 116. Position of the wire relative to the anal sphine-ter. Schematic.

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