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External hemorrhoids or piles have the shape of an anal tags or of external varicosities (Fig. 96).

Operative technique. Under local anesthesia an anal tag is picked up with an Allis forceps and removed with scalpel after making an oval incision of the skin around the tag. (Fig. 97.1). The same procedure is used to re­move the other tags. No sutures should be ever placed on the wound. Also, under no circumstances should tags be removed around the entire circumference of the anal ring because of the danger of cicatricial contraction of the anus. Ointment dressings are applied in the usual fashion.

Operation for excision of oval skin flaps and anal mucosa. This operation is done when multiple tags and hemorrhoids are present (Fig. 97,2). The inner half of the oval tissue defect extends 1.5—2 cm into the rectum as far as the pectinate line. An intact bridge of skin and mucosa should be alwavs left between these defects.

Varieties of hypertrophied anal tags

Fig. 96 Varieties of hypertrophied anal tags.

Fig. 97 Operation for excision of oval perianal skin tags:

1. Excision of an anal mucosa oval flap and of perianal skin together with the tag.

2. Appearance of the anus after removal of four oval skin flaps.

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