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Operation for external hemorroids with anal canal prolapse

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In this variety of hemorrhoids, 4 or 5 wide oval tags are excised. The skin and mucosa are stripped for 0,3 cm from one edge of the oval defect, after which this edge is anchored with 1 or 2 catgut sutures to tis­sues in the middle of the wound defect. This applies to each of the oval defects (Fig. 98,2). The anal canal is then reduced into the rectal lumen (Fig. 98,3). Ointment dressings are applied as usual (see p. 42).

The operation for excision of thrombosed hemorrhoids is resorted to rarely, since these hemorrhoids tend to subside spontaneously. A simple technique of this ope­ration is depicted in Fig. 99,1 and 99,2.

Operation for hemorrhoids with prolapse of the anal canal

Fig. 98 Operation for hemorrhoids with prolapse of the anal canal:

1. External hemorrhoid with a considerable pro­lapse of the anal canal.

2. A skin edge of the oval wound is sutured to the tissues along the middle of the defect.

3. Appearance of the anal orifice after narrowing of oval wounds with sutures.

Fig. 99. Operation for thrombosed hemorrhoid:

1. The wound margins are freed on both sides over the hemorrhoid.

2. Appearance of the wound after removal of hemorr­hoids.

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